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Measuring windows for installation and replacements is a common thing for everyone.

It is a straightforward task where we need a ruler or measuring tape, pen, paper, and start measuring.

The problem is, windows often have different openings where we somehow forget to include or give space allowances.

Remember that every window is a custom-made one making all the measurements into consideration all the time.

Therefore, the accuracy of the numbers or the sizes given is very important.

Minor measurement issues may lead us to do some re-adjustments to the existing window openings.

Luckily, window glass replacement companies exist to help us in the process.

Samson Window-n-Door offers various window replacements and installations for anyone living in Ottawa.

The question is, “How to measure windows by ourselves?”

Here is a quick overview of the process of measuring the windows:

The Process – Window Measurements and Installation

Well, all we need for replacements is indeed the height and width of our window openings.

To avoid mismeasurement, it is ideal to give six (6) different sizes to ensure that everything is right on track.

For the Width

To measure the width, we need to get measurements from side to side.

Measurements on the left to right, jamb to jamb (middle, top, and bottom jambs), and that’s it.

Ensure that all measurements are correct by doing it two or three times in the same locations.

For the Height

The same thing goes with the height; we need to measure from the head down to the window sill.

Make sure to get the measurements on both sides and the middle area of the window.

For Windows without Headers

We need to measure from the top of the drywall to the window sill to ensure the right opening value.

We could also measure from drywall to drywall if the windows do not have sills in their designs.

Either way, we need to give approximate measurements.

For Windows with Sliding Slashes

We need to ensure the measurements where the sashes meet at the center of our window.

With this, we can avoid misalignments and other installation troubles.

Measuring windows is an easy task as long as we can consider all parts or measurements needed.

As owners, we have to be keen on giving the numbers to avoid misaligned jambs, unfit windows, and readjustments.

It is ideal to follow the steps above while ensuring that we are considering our windows’ anatomy inside and out.

By design, homes and other structures have various window sizes.

It is ideal to get the measurements of these windows to give approximate numbers of the people who would do the job.

Professional Window Measurement

In a home, we have various things that need replacements over time like the windows, doors, countertops, and cabinets.

It is safe to say that major home improvements need professionals to do the assessments and other work-related suggestions.

As owners, we wanted to measure things.

However, professionals will do the work accurately while ensuring that all needed sizes or numbers are on the paper.

Contractors and window experts wanted to have the right number to avoid issues during window installation.

Here are a few things that could make us think before we the measurements ourselves:

  • Safety reasons for the children and the old.
  • Water breakouts and damages during the rain.
  • Window issues like misalignments, opening troubles, and others.

Hiring an expert from a trusted company will cost us within our budget.

We could avoid excessive issues like the above-mentioned things and we can ensure the quality of our windows.

The perfect windows will always be the ones done by professionals.

The End – What To Do And Who To Call?

Getting the measurements from our existing windows lasts for just minutes and then it is ready for work.

However, it is just the first step that could lead to a more exciting window replacement job.

In addition to the sizes, we also need to note the following things:

  • Design and style of the windows
  • Location
  • Placement and direction
  • Existing problems directed on the window

After listing the above-mentioned things, a window expert from our company, Samson Window-n-Door, will do the next step.

Be sure to get recommendations and other style options to improve the vibe of our windows.

Of course, home consultations and assessments with our team could make the process easier and faster.

Bear in mind that professional window measurements and replacements only happen with the right sort of people.

Call our customer service team and we can do the measurements.

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